Digital Inclusion Benchmark 2020


In 2020 the World Benchmarking Alliance’s first Digital Inclusion Benchmark ranks 100 of the world’s most influential technology companies on four areas of digital inclusion: 

1) Enhancing universal access to digital technologies. 

2) Improving all levels of digital skills. 

3) Fostering trustworthy use by mitigating risks and harms. 

4) Innovating openly, inclusively, and ethically. 

The global pandemic has highlighted the urgency of digital inclusion, as we increasingly rely on digital technologies to stay connected, purchase daily necessities, and access healthcare and education. However, this accelerated digitalisation is accompanied by widening digital divides that lock billions of people out of the digital economy. Furthermore, trust in technology is fraying as citizens and governments wake up to the risks and harms of its unexamined and unrestrained applications. 

The Digital Inclusion Benchmark results show that commitment and contribution towards digital inclusion is highly uneven across industries in the digital sector, measurement areas, and markets of operation. While a few leading companies comprehensively demonstrate best practices, most have yet to embrace digital inclusion as a core responsibility. 

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