Africa’s ICT Infrastructure: Building on the Mobile Revolution

One of most comprehensive reports ever on Africa's ICT infrastructure. It covers the recent history of the telecommunications market in Africa reviewing such issues as prices, access, the performance of the networks, and the regulatory reforms that have triggered much of the investment. It compares network performance across the region explaining why some countries have moved so much more quickly than others in providing affordable telecommunications services. Africa's ICT Infrastructure explores the financial side of the telecommunications revolution detailing how the massive investments have been
financed and which companies have most influenced the sector. The report also looks at the future of Africa's ICT sector, addressing some of the main policy questions that it faces: How far will the expansion of mobile voice networks go under the current policy regime? How much of the population is likely to be living outside the region’s commercially viable zones? Is it commercially viable to provide broadband Internet to broad segments of the population, in addition to large businesses and high-income individuals? Is there any way in which broadband Internet will develop into a mass-market service in Africa?

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