October 2004: Mobile passes fixed in India

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) announced that the number of mobile telephone subscribers surpassed fixed telephone subscribers in October 2004. That makes India one of the last large developing nations to reach this milestone. Mobile was launched in India just over nine years ago in August 1995. The first half decade of India’s mobile history was uneventful with the industry bogged down by high license fees and a cumbersome scheme of regional licenses. Things began changing when license fees were reduced for traditional mobile operators in exchange for allowing fixed-wireless operators to extend their limited mobility to a full-fledged nationwide service. As a result, mobile growth skyrocketed and today India has the ninth largest cellular network in the world measured by the number of subscribers. There is still plenty of room for growth with penetration just above four. See the TRAI Press Release of 8 November 2004, Growth in Telecom continues in October 2004: Mobile Subscribers Crosses Fixed Line Subscribers

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