Digital Transformation and Opportunities in the Kyrgyz Republic

Advances in information and communication technology (ICT) are creating tremendous opportunities to improve service delivery and expand economic opportunities in the Kyrgyz Republic. Digital technologies increase transparency, reduce corruption, and enhance efficiency by minimizing
contact between citizens, businesses, and government for the provision of public services. For the Kyrgyz Republic, ICT could address barriers posed by its geographic remoteness and high transport costs. The country’s strategic location along major crossroads between Asia and Europe can be an incentive to seriously develop the country’s ICT, because the transport corridors will require a wide range of telecommunication and internet services to support day-to-day operations. Direct ICT interventions, such as a single customs window, which can streamline the document processing required to facilitate trade across borders and remote sensing that can be used to monitor goods transported, can hasten, simplify, and facilitate transport and trade. Given the country’s plan to develop sectors such as hydropower, tourism, and other services, it will need more sophisticated communication and information processing to help boost the potential of these sectors.


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