Leveraging Investments in Broadband for National Development: The case of Rwanda and Senegal

In order to have in-depth understanding on the level of investment in broadband and its application, UN-OHRLLS commissioned two studies in Africa: Rwanda and Senegal. The case studies document how the selected LDCs are leveraging investment in broadband to contribute towards the achievement of sustainable development.
The selection of Rwanda and Senegal as study areas was determined by the following: evidence of an upward trend in broadband penetration; clear strategies and concrete implementation; and, examples of outcomes because of investing in broadband. The selection criteria also took into consideration geographical coverage with Rwanda an East African landlocked nation and Senegal a sea facing West African country.
See presentation at: http://unohrlls.org/custom-content/uploads/2017/03/LDC-BB-1Mar2017-Reduced-1.pdf

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